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Our Baby Gender Reveal Party: A Surprise to Remember

As the countdown to our baby’s due date ticks away, my husband and I find ourselves wrapped in a blend of excitement and hope. Already blessed with two wonderful boys, there’s a part of us dreaming of a little princess to complete our family. In a twist to our journey, we decided against finding out our baby’s gender in advance, opting instead for the thrill of surprise and saving the big reveal for the delivery room. However, our annual Christmas gathering this year presented us with an unexpected opportunity – to blend holiday cheer with a surprise gender reveal party, a chance to maybe discover if our dreams of a daughter would come true!

Choosing the Mastermind:

Every surprise needs a mastermind, and who better than our best friend Ann? Known for her ability to keep secrets, Ann was the perfect choice to organize our gender reveal. She took care of everything – liaising with vendors, decorating, and even coordinating the food. Furthermore she is the Master of Ceremony. So much fun with her unique way for driving up the hype.

Picking the Spot:

With our guest list nudging close to 50, we were on the lookout for a place rental that was both spacious and inviting, without breaking the bank. After all, we had already splurged a fair bit on the balloon decorations, scrumptious food, and the photo booth. Luck was on our side when we stumbled upon this gem at Jalan Pemimpin. Just a stone’s throw from Marymount MRT, it was the ideal spot for our celebration. The venue boasted an island table, perfect for our dessert spread, and several cozy seating areas that were just begging to be Instagrammed. The cherry on top? The parking was a breeze for our guests, and surprisingly affordable too – less than $3 for weekend parking! And the venue rental itself? An absolute steal at less than $1200 for four hours. We couldn’t believe our luck in finding what must be one of the city’s best-kept secrets in terms of value.

The Balloon Decoration:

Deciding on the perfect way to reveal our baby’s gender felt almost as big as the reveal itself! I dove into a YouTube rabbit hole and discovered there are, quite literally, a hundred and one ways to do it. You name it: tic-tac-toe, cake cutting, even a baseball hit. And who doesn’t get a thrill from fireworks? Sadly, our chosen venue is indoor, firework is a no-no. So, after much thought, we settled on the classic yet dramatic balloon burst. We shared our vision with the creative folks at Party Balloons SG, explaining our love for a blue and pink theme, culminating in the dramatic pop of a giant black balloon. They even proposed using confetti poppers to take the excitement up a notch!

The Feast:

With our gender reveal party doubling as our annual Christmas celebration, we wanted the food to be as festive and joyful as the occasion itself. So, we ditched the idea of a regular buffet and turned to Le Rainbow Catering for something special. They did not disappoint!

Our menu was a delightful spread that had everyone going back for seconds (and maybe even thirds!):

Cheese & Cold Cut Platter Platter 

(Assorted Cheese with Fruits & Nuts / Beef Salami / Honey Ham with olive / Brie / Cheddar) 

Seafood Paella Rice Beef Bourguignon with Mushroom and Carrot  

Baked Norwegian Salmon with Zesty Butter Sauce 

Aloha Chicken (pineapple ring) with Cranberry Sauce 

Mix Sausage Platter (Chicken Bratwurst / Chicken Viennas & Cheese / Chicken Chipolata) 

Sweet Potato & Mustard Sauce Charred Brussels Sprout with Smoked tomato sauce ,Walnut 

Premium Fruit Platter (Cherry /Rock melon/Kiwi/Watermelon/Dragon fruit) 

Chilled Lemon Tea 


And guess what? This mouth-watering feast cost us less than $25 per person! But that’s not all – the setup came with some seriously stunning floral decorations that added an extra layer of beauty to our festive celebration

Sweet Treats for All:

We found the perfect use for the charming island table at our venue – transforming it into a dreamy dessert station. It became the star attraction, especially for the kids who were absolutely thrilled.

Temptation Cakes really outdid themselves, creating a spread that was as visually stunning as it was delicious. From the fruit tarts with their perfect glaze to the fluffy, cloud-like éclairs, each item was a masterpiece. And let’s not forget the variety! We had everything a sweet tooth could dream of:

Here is our dessert table spread.

  • Fruit tart 
  • Cookies 
  • Cupcakes 
  • Macarons 
  • Durian Puff 
  • Fresh Fruit Fran 
  • Chocolate Éclair 
  • Apple Crumble Tart

Fun and Games:

Just popping a balloon to reveal our baby’s gender seemed a bit too plain for our taste. We wanted to dial up the fun factor, so we brainstormed and came up with a couple of games and a lucky draw to add some extra excitement.

Game 1: The Great Gender Guess

The first game was all about guessing whether we’d be welcoming a boy or a girl. We had pink ping-pong balls for a girl and blue for a boy. Each guest got to pick a ball, scribble their name on it, and then drop it into the corresponding fishbowl. The rule was simple: you pick a color and stick to it. The anticipation was palpable as everyone dropped their guesses into the bowls. And to make things even more interesting, those who guessed correctly were entered into a lucky draw. It was a fantastic way to get everyone involved and guessing!

Game 2: ‘Kay’ Name Game:

For our second game, we turned to our guests for a bit of creative assistance. You see, with our two older kids named Kayen and Kayes, we’ve got a little tradition going, and we wanted to keep it alive. So, we invited everyone to help us lazy parents brainstorm a baby name that starts with ‘Kay’. The energy was buzzing as our friends and family got their creative juices flowing, suggesting names for both a boy and a girl. And to add a cherry on top, the person who came up with the best name – as judged by us, the soon-to-be-again parents – would win a prize. It was not just fun but also a beautiful way to involve our loved ones in our baby’s journey.

Photo Booth:

In our quest to ramp up the fun and capture every special moment of our gender reveal party, what better addition than a photo booth? It was an absolute hit with our guests! The booth was brimming with a variety of props, and it was so much fun watching everyone choose between ‘It’s a Boy’ and ‘It’s a Girl’ signs, among others. The best part? The photos were developed instantly, allowing everyone to take home a tangible memory of the day. We opted for Momento Photo Booth’s two-hour instant print package, which was incredibly budget-friendly at just $588. It truly added an extra layer of joy to our celebration. Check out their packages here: Momento Photo Booth. They do photo booth for wedding too !

The Attire:

With the venue decked out in shades of pink and blue, we decided to steer clear of these colors for our attire – after all, blending into the background wasn’t part of the plan! We eventually settled on a natural and elegant color palette of white and beige, which really made us stand out amidst the vibrant decorations.

In hindsight, coordinating our guests’ outfits to match the theme could have added an extra layer of charm to the event and made for some stunning photos. However, since we were planning a surprise gender reveal, we opted not to clue in our guests on the attire. Keeping the reveal under wraps meant sacrificing a bit of that thematic unity, but the surprise element was totally worth it!

The Big Reveal:

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for arrived – the big reveal. There was an electric buzz in the air as Ann, our ever-enthusiastic MC, led the countdown. “5…4…3…2..1.” And then, with a explosion of excitement and a flurry of confetti, the truth was out: It’s a BOY!

My wife’s reaction was a mix of emotions. She had been dreaming of a little girl to complete our family, so there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes, even amidst the joy. As for me, sure, a part of me had hoped for a girl too, but the thought of another boy brought its own excitement. I found myself already imagining all the outdoor adventures and indoor gaming sessions I’d share with my boys. It was a bittersweet moment, but above all, it was a reminder of the incredible journey that lay ahead for our growing family.

Wrapping Up:

As the echoes of laughter faded and our gender reveal party came to a close, a deep sense of gratitude filled us. This day was more than just about unveiling whether we were having a boy or a girl; it was a celebration of new life, surrounded by the warmth of friends and family. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with guests sharing how much fun they had.

Social media was abuzz with photos and reels from the party. Some even went viral..  each post brimming with good wishes and blessings from friends and relatives. It’s funny how life works, almost like a movie with its unexpected twists. Who knows, maybe there’s a chance for a ‘number 4’ in our future adventures. But for now, we’re just soaking in the joy of the present moment.

Event Video Here:


Special thanks to: 

Venue & Balloon Decoration: Party Balloons

Eric : +65 8797 5221


Momento Photo Booth

Angela : +65 9234 1705

Food Caterer:

Le Rainbow Catering



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